Hello, I’m Andrew

Are you looking to celebrate a wedding, honour a life, commemorate an event? I’ve spent my life in the company of amazing and creative people and I’ve MC’d and host’d and speech’d at their events. Count on me to bring eloquence and professionalism (and laughs, when appropriate) to every occasion. From all the bells and whistles to something minimalist with basic legal requirements – I’ll make your day all you hoped it would be.

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My celebrant services

Weddings, parties, anything. It’s actually true. Plus, funerals.

And I can do events at any scale. From minimalist with the basic legal requirements to something totally sumptuous and grand – all is within my wheelhouse.

See my celebrant packages (um… so to speak)

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The celebrant lowdown

Big life events are important and sacred occasions.

A celebrant’s role is to take care of officialdom details and put participants and guests at ease. Yes it involves paperwork. Mostly it requires a glad heart and a steady hand.

But if you’re still unsure about what tasks I actually perform, or whether I’m just there to add style and glamour, I’ve got answers for you.

See my celebrant FAQs

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Yes. Of course YES.

It sure was a long time coming, but thanks be that marriage is finally legal for everyone, gay or straight.

I’m all for love and I’m proud to bring any two legally-consenting adults together. Rainbow cakes for all I say. Mos def LGBTI-friendly.

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A little about me

I’m a dude with a many-stringed bow.

Now based in Melbourne, I’m a published author and essayist, MC, festival project manager, PhD candidate, fundraising auctioneer, and a pretty sharp singer.

I’ve been an active member of Australia’s visual arts scene for almost three decades. From time to time I conduct art tours of Melbourne, showing enthusiasts and tourists around this city’s arts precincts, galleries and homes.

Oh and I’m also a dad – I’m father to a gorgeous, young-rebel daughter.

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Get in touch

Got an event coming up?

I’d love to hear from you, and talk about how I can help make your day.

* Please don’t skip these 😉